i'm breaking my back just to know your name but heaven ain't close in a place like this

perfect day!
except all the bruises on my face
and all the blisters from my new gorgeous shoes.
well,it is the "positive day" today so..heheee

we're both in this masquerade.what can i do to see you,the boy behind the mask?

dry update..
but i'm quite tired of life at the moment.
i miss love and the whole fucking ballet.
oh well,my dr martens should probably be here any day now!
hope they fit..*fingers crossed*

no sacrifice,no victory

give me reason to fill this hole connect the space between let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this new divide

i hate school i hate school.
had really boring the last hour and i was all alone in the classroom,so i sat down and read..
wait for it,wait for it.. - the BIBLE!!!
haha,can you belive it?me,the bible?
hmm,that's me in a nutshell!

bangs or no bangs?that is the question

decision anxiety..

but i always know when something's wrong see when you're feeling down

me + my crazy friend + grannie&grandpa's place this weekend.
it's going to be awesome!
pick mushrooms,stay up late,watch movies,eat alot,play games..
mucho grande as you can see!

every girl an' boy needs a little joy.all you do is sit an' stare,beggin' on my knees baby,won't you please

love and rockets

i love that girl.

sleep with me a dream in love

this reminds me of you

nobody's ugly after 2am

party-saturday(my cousin turned 25 this tuesday)..
and i have nothing to wear as usual.but i'll find something,i hope..
anyway!i've got some booze and a gaily mood to take with for tomorrow - that's good,right?

your lips say that you love your eyes say that you hate

i don't wanna forget
without memories,there's just emptyness.

night time sympathize i've been working on white lies so i'll tell the truth i'll give it up to you

i took a day off this morning,don't ask me why..i just needed it.
so now i sit here with braids in my hair and is ready to go to bed..
and tomorrow after school,will i hopefully buy some new shit to my wardrobe!
cuz i'm pretty rich - at the moment..

evil is going on

holy motherfucker..the last episode ruled!
and soon - look through the whole season again.

"what's the difference between spider-man and peter parker?spider-man gets the girl."

four plus

god save us everyone,will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?

cozymozy at line´s tonight with nice people!
now i'm going back to bed to get some more sleep.


another second in the sunshine,a decade in the dark taking part in a dream

everything is boring
school is boring (except all the cute guys)
my life is boring
i'm boring
my room is boring
all my clothes are boring
okey..i think you all got it now..

nostalgic trip

so you're gone and i'm haunted and i bet you are just fine.did i make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?

just beacuse i'm such a unfortunate-love addicted chick..

anyway..i'm sick or rather a bit drowsy.
and my right ear is driving me insane!srsly..
i can hear my heartbeat all the time in that fucking ear.
and it's like a big ocean inside..it's hard to explain - but it isn't funny,that's for sure!

just gonna stand there and watch me burn,but that's alright because i like the way it hurts

me loves you very much,alex

stickaid 2010

my evening - watching charlie&myles live.
click on the picture and watch them too!(if you don't have nothing else to do,ie..)

baby never did i think you could be such a cold blooded murderer.you're a lovekiller,you're a murderer

some things are meant to be.take my hand,take my whole life too for i can't help falling in love with you

a big wish right now

i'm sleepwalking..sleepwalking

so fucking tired,you have no ideá.
i'm not used to this..
i fell a sleep on the couch at six and woke up type..NOW!
shoot me?
here's a little dose of elvis to you guys.
sleep tight - i know i will!