but at half past one you called me and you said you've been there with some friends was having fun but all the time you've been wanting me around and i was nowhere to be found

outside my window at the moment.
hope you'll have a cozy night!

pain comes in stages if we don't make it nothing changes

i'm afraid of losing you,i'm afraid to die

so you wanna live forever don'tcha?i feel your pressure drop and when i'm workin' the right side of your neck,baby.you never want me to stop

give us 26th june now!

i need to remember you that way,when i was not afraid to forget

my fabulous dinner.

i looked out this morning and the sun was gone turned on some music to start my day i lost myself in a familiar song i closed my eyes and i slipped away

hello sunshine!
quite swollen from yesterday's food&candy..bleh..
now; lie in the sun and hopefully get some tan!

eyes black,big paws and it's poison and it's blood and big fire,big burn into the ashes and no return

yes,the movie was awesome!
and i could have sex to this track over&over again btw ehhehe..

there's a freak out brewing in my house my house in the basement 'cause daft punk is playing at my house my house you got to set them up kid,set them up

i don't do anything in particular..
just lies on my balcony everyday and watching beverly hills,haha!
but tomorrow it's red riding hood on the schedule and some shopping with mami!

sunday bloody sunday

did you know that the lord of the rings is gay?

"there's this big black tower,right?and it points right at this huge burning vagina thing and it's like the symbol of ultimate evil.
and then sam&frodo have to go to this cave and deposit their magic ring into this hot,steaming lava pit.
only at the last minute,frodo can't perform..so gollum bites of his finger.

hey california waiting every little thing's gotta be just right say while you're tryin' to save me can i get back my lonely life?

wanna move to califuckingfornia.

i love this kid

live your life with arms wide open today is where your book begins the rest is still unwritten

i have dark hair now!
and it's fucking awesome outside.
and i'm really sorry for my lazy updates..i feel the boredom taking over here for sure..


so far away from where you are i'm standing underneath the stars and i wish you were here

want to dye my hair black again..at least dark brown.
haha i hate that i always want to change it (or it's rather my mom who hates it).
but i get tired of my hair fast as hell..

king crybaby with a tear in my eye and if you mess with the king,you're gonna cry,oh baby cry oh baby cry

i'll do anything to be with you

going at the premiere..i think!

my little brother just discovered rock and roll

my little brother turns 11 today.
i hope for a big cake on sunday..
congrats dork!

we should have run,i would go with you anywhere i should have kissed you by the water i still remember

yes,i'm sorry for a lot of fucking things today

for this could be you someday under this cruel moon

don't forget to love yourself

taking a break from everything&everyone.

let the raining tear-drops rain down on me tonight i think making up,faking up stories is alright tick tock stop the clock,fiction is my thing my attitude is always i and me and mine

the exodus is here the happy ones are near let's get together before we get much older

hoping to find something of this tomorrow before the night's exploits with line!