it's been a while since i could say i love myself as well and it's been a while since i've gone and fucked things up just like i always do

hey,hello there beautiful

tell the devil i said “hey” when you get back to where you're from

ikea today,woop woop!

like today awaits tomorrow like tomorrow needs today i need your simple words to follow i'll do whatever you say

no one can love like us

my sugar sweet is so attainable this behaviour so unexplainable the days just slip and slide like they always did the trouble is my head won't let me forget

the moon hangs low over all you believe you saw under torn clouds runs a yeti-track

miss mercedes bajstass as a little brat.

you're always scared of the shadows and still you look like you've seen a ghost

just ordered.
and yes i know,i already have the spacewolf top
but i don't feel comfortable in one is coming up!
and i couldn't resist the cute pajamas either..

a whole new light gives us new hope but the shadows also get bigger now and nothing is what it used to be

i just want to feel you when the night puts on its cloak.i'm lost for words dont tell me cause all i can say,i love you till the end

i love you 'till the end

my heart's on fire and it's melting into you

so fucking happy right now!
and yes,i love eric saade..
deal with it!

but remember when i moved in you and the holy dove was moving too and every breath we drew was hallelujah

i never knew that i could cry this much..

have you ever seen the light?don't you wonder where i hide?i will live then i will die i will keep you on my mind

hello there,i want summer.

i don't like giving up cause giving up is easy and I'll see you again just tell me where you'll meet me

maybe it was a bad idea to stop taking my antidepressants..
i feel so tired & slow in my head (more than usual)
yuk..i don't know.
i'm psyched for friday anyway!party!!
(and if there's another snowstorm at the same time again,
i will literally hang myself in my own hair!!!!!!)

if i could gather up the nerve,i'd put my feelings into words

saturday morning and who's gonna play with me?six in the morning baby i got a long long day ahead of me

we go out in stormy weather we rarely practice discern we make love to some weird sin we seek out the taciturn evening is ruined.just because of the weather.
fuck it!
..but it may clear up!we'll see.
but i'm not in the mood for it now really,not anymore.

hear our satan prayer our anti nicene creed

i'm supposed to feel better this nightmare is supposed to end

hello people.
i don't know what to let's keep it blanked here instead.
but ey,you all must listen to rooney..they're awesome!

i touch you once i touch you twice i won't let go at any price i need you now like i needed you then

if you leave,don't leave now
please don't take my heart away
promise me just one more night
then we'll go our separate ways
we always had time on our sides
now it's fading fast
every second every moment
we've gotta make it last

i touch you once,i touch you twice
i won't let go at any price
i need you now like i needed you then
you always said we'd still be friends someday

maybe i'm afraid of the way i love you

maybe i'm amazed at the way you love me all the time ,
maybe i'm afraid of the way i love you.
maybe i'm amazed at the way you pulled me out of time,
and hung me on a line.
maybe i'm amazed at the way i really need you..

once inside we've made it here we struggle with the lights they never go away

flying at the speed of light thoughts were spinning in my head so many things were left unsaid it’s hard to let you go

i don't care what they other say.
i love you.

if you want to call me baby (just go ahead,now)

eloooo,am i cute or what?

i'm stuck in this bed you made alone with a sinking feeling.i saw through the words you said to the secrets you've been keeping

linkin park - 14th june ericsson globe.
me wants a ticket yesyes..