so when you lost your virginity,i was playing magic the gathering?

i'm in the mood for little orange county,

i need you and you need me

saw love and other drugs for a couple days ago.
nombreux  bisous!

my sad,sorry,selfish cry out to the cutter.i'm cutting trying to picture your black broken heart

i hate myself.
i want to be skinny
i want nice hair
i want the perfect eyebrows
i want awesome clothes
i want love
i want good grades
just like everyone else..

leave me with some kind of proof it's not a dream

maybe i know,somewhere
deep in my soul
that love never lasts
and we've got to find other ways
to make it alone
keep a straight face.

and i've always lived like this

keeping a comfortable,distance
and up until now
i had sworn to myself that i'm
content with loneliness
because none of it was ever worth the risk.

well,you are the only exception

you are the only exception..

and it's been a while but i can still remember just the way you taste

and i,i stand helpless before the love again you become humbled before the power of the movement

i love my new necklace

was she this fit when she was 10 years younger?come see me discreatly.she says shes got a trick or two to teach me

how cute?!
"love and other drugs" would i love to see!(jake,mmmhmmm)
and at the same time,we will go and get our nails done.
talk about a real girls' night out!

"and in a jealous outrage,she created lighteneing and this day,the curse of her storm lives on in every broken heart"

once there was a boy and a girl
who were in love.when they hugged
for the first time,they never
wanted to let they decided
not to.they loved each moment of
the embrace,smiling,laughing and
dreaming of their forever together.
but then the boy became tired.
he did not want to hug anymore.
he saw his friends playing games
and kissing girls.and the he saw
a new girl and wanted to kiss her.

so he let go of the hug and followed
the other girl,leaving his first
love alone and cold.the girl began
to cry and so created rain
and in a jealous outrage,she created
lighteneing and this day,
the curse of her storm lives on in
every broken heart..

i'm the one that sucks you dry,drowning in you.i am every tear you cry,i am someone else tonight and this is what it feels like

sweet eighteen

exactly what i said to mommy this morning!haha!
i got breakfast in bed,with a big cupcake & lots of candles
+ new lenses and a gift card at chinaz nail studio with massage and stuff.
look forward for tomorrow!and saturday with my line of course!

i make the shapes come much too close i pull my eyes out hold my breath and wait until i shake

closeness and intimacy - i miss it.

i look for some hope in every face there's a vacant stare

+ burgundy hair
+ decided restaurant for friday
- i can't get in at vampire lounge
- school
+ mercedes
+ birthday
- lingonberry week

"nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

fuck it.let's get skinny!

men are from mars women are from hell

team damon - shh..don't tell edward

vampire diaries marathon
yes..i have no life.
and school starts on monday and it's just 6 days left until my 18th birthday..

the four letter word got stuck in my head the dirtiest word that i've ever said it's making me feel alright

the cardigans are really awesome.
thought you needed to know that!

you fill my heart you keep me breathing 'cause you're the storm that i believe in

i'm an angel bored like hell
and you're a devil meaning well
you steal my lines and you strike me dumb
come raise your flag upon me.

they only want you when you're seventeen when you're twenty-one you're no fun

ten days left!