spread the news i'm gonna take the fight for the spotlight day and night i can take this to the number one be someone,before you're gone be someone before you're gone

guess who's happy?!holy mother..
that was some painful seconds dude!!!

Agnes said;

sv: Åh men söt du är<3

2011-05-13 @ 15:22:22
evelina said;

re: ja, åh! men han borde verkligen ha vunnit, så himla synd :( och vadå azerbaijan... men aja what to do.

finaste eric<3

2011-05-15 @ 01:13:55
Line said;

re: Yeaaah :D

2011-05-15 @ 19:02:28
Line said;

re: Men damp.. Kan inte du printscreena hur det ser ut då? MSN!!

2011-05-17 @ 14:53:16

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