it's harder than you know to get where you belong somehow you're always there somehow it's always wrong

lite av min önskelista.
en månad kvar hallå!och efter de är de bara 20 dagar tills någon blir 19 bazzzzt..

so you wanna live forever don'tcha?i feel your pressure drop and when i'm workin' the right side of your neck, never want me to stop

give us 26th june now!

hey california waiting every little thing's gotta be just right say while you're tryin' to save me can i get back my lonely life?

wanna move to califuckingfornia.

the exodus is here the happy ones are near let's get together before we get much older

hoping to find something of this tomorrow before the night's exploits with line!

twist and shout my way out and wrape yourself around me 'cause i ain't the way that you found me i'll never be the same

want summer,heat and watermelons now!
but i still cannot show myself in my sucks horse cock.

alpha industries cwu - to buy or not to buy

navy blue or olive green?
green huh?green it is!
or maybe the black one!(there's a black too)
i don't even know if i want this jacket but i like these somehow..
oh well,we'll the end of this month!

it's been a while since i could say i love myself as well and it's been a while since i've gone and fucked things up just like i always do

hey,hello there beautiful

no one can love like us

have you ever seen the light?don't you wonder where i hide?i will live then i will die i will keep you on my mind

hello there,i want summer.

i'm stuck in this bed you made alone with a sinking feeling.i saw through the words you said to the secrets you've been keeping

linkin park - 14th june ericsson globe.
me wants a ticket yesyes..

my sad,sorry,selfish cry out to the cutter.i'm cutting trying to picture your black broken heart

i hate myself.
i want to be skinny
i want nice hair
i want the perfect eyebrows
i want awesome clothes
i want love
i want good grades
just like everyone else..


i was in love with the idea of you, long before we met

me loves you very much,alex

a big wish right now

a huge crush

christian cooke

i want love again

my dream man actually

+ cute
+ tall
+ funny
+ the most gorgeous eyes
+ body like a warm teddybear

three wishes

and when i caught it you were out of reach but i'm sure i'm sure you've heard if before