why'd you have to be so cute?it's impossible to ignore you

hungry as fuck

hope you all can feel it - as i do

depressed - fuck facebook!i'm out of here!

i can't even save our friendship.or maybe,have we never only been "just friends"


i'm just a dreamer,who dreams of better days

cuz i love him

i suck,i know i know!i'm so fucking sorry!but we could say that i'm dead?or rather - MY computer is totally dead atm

fuck this,literally!

bet you wish you'd stopped and turned in time - now you've really crashed and burned this time


tänkte att jag kanske skulle berätta vad "mantheniel" egentligen är för namn.inge märkvärdigt alls,men iallafall!
de uttalas mahn-then-ee-ell och de är kort&gott veronica på elvish - och betyder truth and purity!
tror jag hitta de namnet för två år sen,kanske?vet inte,ändrade till de förut när jag var aktiv på bilddagboken och sen dess har de bara följt med!tycker de är rätt fint om jag får säga de själv?
kika in här å se om ditt namn finns och kolla samtidigt vad de betyder!(är inte 100% säker på att de verkligen är riktig "elvish"..äsch skitsamma,kul ändå)finns säkert flera sidor om sådana saker,men har inte hittat någon som de står va namnen betyder.
nu har jag fått de sagt också!goodiegoodie

"everyone wants happiness,no one wants pain.but you can't make a rainbow without a little rain"

got no friends got no lover

"this is an incredibly romantic moment,and you're ruining it for me!"

i'll probably fall asleep to this,so nighty nighty!

everything changes,but love will remain.i'm waiting right by your side - tonight

simple things for a simple girl

modekungen - misssmith - shopnastygal - topshop - fashionology - mangoshop

heartbroken sunday

give me summer/late nights/love/sweets/fancy clothes/flowers underneath my feet

run for the shadows,run for the shadows,run for the shadows - in these golden years

suck it

srsly..no money - no food - nothing to wear - headache - nasty haircut
everything is shity today,and i'm not joking
thank you so fucking much,god!or whatever they call you these days

i also want to feel feminine

dream boy

it's stackhouse,baby

isn't he just adorable?

i just want to lay down and disappear for a while

i think it's good to be the first one who knows i am the only one

corazón #9

"don't use words i don't understand"

sveriges,kanske världens snyggaste man (utan att överdriva)

satc2 - HUGE love

corazón #8

today we want to look like this;

apple - net-a-porter - urbanoutfitters - skouno - ginatricot

corazón #7

take me to neverland

just bleed it

corazón #6

you'll never win this,trust me - asshole!

corazón #5

time will tell

we love to the sound of our favourite song,over and over

if you jump,i jump

give me an answer,alex

i can hardly breathe

fuckitfuckitfuckit!get out of my head,stupid pig

corazón #4

i don't need nothing when i'm by your side

ronnie is so ronnie is so ronnie is so cool

you did it - you left me

it's hard but it has to be done

and i always did - but nobody cared enough

corazón #3

i guess it's true

today i want this;

net-a-porter - kicks - sko uno - miss smith

sometimes,i still need you