3 words from you could save my life

that's not my blood talking,it's your survival instinct

have you forgotten what she looks like?or do you only see what you want to believe?does it feel better than love?

amc - what if it was you?

like a soundless black and white hallucination

sometimes when you're sad and blue little darling,you take me down that riverside that makes me holler

just wanna say hello..HELLO!
i think i like school.. belive it or not.
just tired of all these game-days..want to study for god's sake!
and i've discovered that i'm not invisible anymore,people actually sees me.
i'm glad,even though i've got my period this week..

love is clear as the color of water and i'm so glad i found you

about love and what you mean to me and the truth is baby you're all that i need

a huge crush

christian cooke

this night or next i'm out of here cause my heart is aching and my legs are too weak

i'm home now!
with thousends mosquito bites over my whole body,
a stomach who's crammed,fingers that are swollen
and hair that is dirty as hell..
but i had a cozymozy weekend with line anyway.


hey check him out he's got the bad boy snot wild like hell wild boys will be wild still acting like a child

you gotta go back,back,back to school again it's bye bye fun,get your homework done and better be in by ten

time for school my friends!
mum is coming with me for holding my hand..

if you don't want to see me smoking,then you better find a way to make my lips busy

- overstrained
- broke
- heartache
+ ♥ spending time with line
+ encountered my old friend linley on the train home
+ weekend
+ cigarettes

boo you whore

i want love again

not exactly my thought

because now it's just six days left until school starts..
but a good thing with this day,are that from now on only are FIVE months remaining till my 18 birthday!!
are we excited? - YES!
do we think that five months goes fast? - YES!

come get me,all you fuckers can't touch me

good evening everyone!
i just came home from a night with line.
we were and saw lika barn leka bäst..it was okey,good message and so..
the best were that we sat all alone in the salon!
but now i'm tired actually,goodnight.

veronica hates the whole damn world today

ba ba da da ba ba ba ba

hello hello my blog is dead hello!
hello,did i mentioned that my blog is dead?

i cannot find peace in front of this computer
hate my fucking chair!!and i have no other.
my ass hurts and my back is falling apart any minute..
were and shopped with my lovely friend line yesterday.
god,i like her..you're a really something - remember that!
anyway..i bought my awaited "vegamössa",two t-shirts and eyelashes!
i wanted more..especially a pair of jeans.but it was no good day to try that shit..

for veronica's sake i gotta get out of here.so for veronica's sake,she can get pretty weird

i hate the fact that it's just ten days left before school.
it feels wierd..i thought i was ready but i don't know anymore.
well,okey..i've had a year off,but it isn't so good as many people think.
you feel hopeless - like an outsider.
what if i'm not actually are made for school?
i'll try to not get too depressed before it even has started..
but you guys know how it is,right?

anyway..i hope that it's not raining tomorrow
otherwise aren't line in the mood for meeting me in town.

i warn you,you're going to get stomach cramps - HAHAHAHAHA


my new favorite serie - demons!
what more can you ask for?
one hot british guy,demons&vampires,funny jokes and just unnatural fugly things.
the best part in episode 1 is when rupert says "use the force,luke.."
funny huh?

your pride has build a wall so strong that i can't get through

dad & i ages ago
called him this morning.
it's his birthday,so i decided to be a good girl!
we're gonna catch up actually..next week,over a coffee or something like that.
and i bought two tickets today,for the sneak premiere of 7x - lika barn leka bäst.
so..LINE!go with me for fuck's sake!

can you put a price on your dreams?

i've been too lazy for to see the imaginarium of doctor parnassus on cinema.
but now i have..and let me just say - i'm going to dream alot tonight.
just wish that i won't wake up to early when all the imaginations are about to start..

my dream man actually

+ cute
+ tall
+ funny
+ the most gorgeous eyes
+ body like a warm teddybear

you know,i feel so dirty when they start talking cute i wanna tell her that i love her but the point is probably moot

i love my afternoons

through the sleepless nights and every endless day i'd wanna hear you say - i remember you

don't talk to me because you're "bored",i'm not here to entertain you.
and don't come to me only when you need a favor,i don't like being used.
just get the fuck away cause i'm not going to be your last resort.
i want someone to talk to me because they sincerely want to.

i opened up my eyes and found myself alone,alone above a raging sea that stole the only girl i loved and drowned her deep inside of me

and I lift my hands and pray to be only yours,i pray to be only yours i know now you're my only hope

my eyes and my cheeks are full with tears
it's been ages since i cried..it feels wierd.
"i don't want to die,i just don't want to live.."
if you can't see or hear me,tell me one thing..who can?