new year,same shit

i'm spending my new year's eve with my best friend
and her family!


when you call my name it's like a little prayer i'm down on my knees i wanna take you there

i hear your voice,it's like an angel sighing
i have no choice,i hear your voice
feels like flying
i close my eyes,oh god i think i'm falling
out of the sky,i close my eyes
heaven help me!

take what you can,give nothing back

you stir up my natural emotions make me feel like dirt (i’m hurt) and if i start a commotion i run the risk of losing you what is worse?

say hello to my new husband,aaron.

it's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes but it might just save your life that's the power of love

my heart my everything

i wanna be the one who gives em all the world and gives em all a feel of it just a little taste of it

this could be the end
this could be the end

my eyes burn as i bury how i'm feeling close my eyes it's my life that i've been stealing

screams inside
and tears just keeps falling.

it started with a kiss and turned out something else.the blood coursing through my veins i think of no one else

i want kisses and dresses a late night message that cradles halos me to sleep cause i’m full of love

my christmas eve could been better..
but i shouldn't complain,
they are people out there who has it worse..
anyway,änglagård tredje gången gillt is on the schedule tonight!

french kissing on the floor,heart is beating hardcore heard everybody is getting a little sexy on the crazy juice this will end up in the news

merry christmas and so on..

me love you long time

marry me,CORY?!

no soul to sell,i've been through hell with you then left our love outside to freeze


i hear the echo of a promise i made when you're strong you can stand on your own

snow is disgusting!
a funny thing though - some cute guy in school asked for a cigarette and i said "yeah sure ehehhe *hand over*"
and he just stood there,smiled and looked me in the eyes.
he probably thought  that i would start  talking but i just turned my back..haha i'm stupid!
but i think he's just an i'm pretty sure that i'm not going to see him after the christmas break,crapness..

that everyday i see a little more of my father in me

"..and i miss you all the time,you are my beloved daughter."

don't you try to pretend it's my feeling we'll win in the end

dad & anton are coming over tonight!
i miss my little anton so freakin much..

what's the point of doing anything if you'll never notice i would sit and wait for you again

i already knew there was something wrong with your brain

okey..what happens if i'm not the best at english?
i may not formulate the words correctly and the grammar isn't perfect either
but you understand what i'm writing,right?if not,too bad for me then.
so just back off!

in this world we're just beginning to understand the miracle of living

bad day
bad everything..
but here's a timeless track,from me to you!

prove that you love me and buy the next oh lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz

love you,mercedes.
even though you are a really pain in the ass sometimes..

it's cool to hate it's cool to hate

don't like fireworks
hate when it's quiet in a car - it should always be music on
fragrance firs gives me migraine
kindergarten teachers have scarred me with whey cheese(i hate whey cheese now..duuuh)
don't like to write with big letters
i hate snowball wars
hate to attending to other people's toilets
hates when a guy gets a girlfriend and when it's only she who exist
i find no words for foppa slippers
i think this is the worst sort of people - "hey hey look at me look at me,i always have a opinion on everything in bad situations
(when i know i should just drop it?!but messing just because!)"

i'm sleeping in the kitchen i'm eating in the bedroom and everything is backwards i wish i never met you

god,i want chips&dip sooooooo very much right now!
you know that i love dip more than anything?well,almost..
- the bowl is empty before you even have time to blink.

if you recognized through your swollen eyes someone just like you broken down with lies

all the flower in the earth could never take you from my heart

the cuteness herself
(bad pictures,but my camera sucks and mercedes has ants in her pants..)

i'll never be alone again 'cause i've got a friend

fuck my miserable life even more
"go to school,otherwise no money!"
"what bothers you?"
"you are good at many things"
"i don't hate you"
"go and talk to the counselor?"
"do it for me?"

god,please!can't just a human being,be a little low
without it becoming such a big deal out of it?
i don't like to get up every morning and go to that fucking place,okey?!
i know i have to,but..!#¤%@
..veronica has no energy left.

i heard what the demons said,it's over and no one can help you

i'm freezing to death and i cry to this song..

oh, romeo romeo, why are you romeo?

and when i shall die,
take him and cut him up in little stars,
and he will make the face of heaven so fine
that all the world will fall in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.