"you're going to invite me in so i can protect you.or have passionate primal sex with you.or how about both?"

and i don't think about the springtime or the streets or the cars 'cause all i think about is you

it's funny that such a small thing can feel so big.
but i know,only i and nobody else can hurt myself this time.

before they put us in a coffin i've got things to say one of us is gonna die young

has neither the energy or the inspiration to sit here.
i've got just too much in my fucking head.
and it bugs me that i can't get all these feelings out,in music&pictures or whatever..
lost,is probably the right word..i think.
and i'm aware that my mood is like a roller coaster sometimes
so..shoot me,just shoot me now?

a girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do an' i don't give a damn' bout my bad reputation

+ shopping
+ guacamole
+ new motto
+ the runaways
- stingy
- tired
+ love
+ samos

i'd stare a lifetime into your eyes so that i knew you were there for me time after time you were there for me

this face my friends,was me earlier today.
when my best friend (from another life.aka my ex) came and visited.
i was lying in bed dirty&stinky and watched beverly hills,when he came in..
i dived down under the covers fast as hell and cried out;WHAT ARE YOU DOIN HERE?!
sure,i was really glad..but not him to see me like that,for the first time in ten months!
so typically me..
it was very unexpectedly but also kinda cute,thanks.

separated/divorced parents?

i've been thinking alot today
the fact that i'm the only one who has separated parents in my friend circuit .
i know it's only people who are in the same situation who knows how it feels
and know how things can be sometimes.
i can't even talk to my dad,never been able to do that either.
he's doesn't try enough,and i've given up ages ago.
but..everyone needs a dad/mum in their life,even veronica (surprising huh?)

i just want to spit it all out!
tell him how much he has hurt me for all these years.
coward is my name..
but i want him to take the first fucking step,you know what i mean?!
i'll not let my children suffer and go through a divorce or what ever it might be.
it's such a cliche to say,i know..but fuck i mean it!
i want them to have both parents by their side.
love can you not control,but do what you can for your children.
because otherwise it'll just go around like one big vicious circle.

i couldn't spill my heart my eyes gleam looking in from the dark

the smell of my illegal marlboros
late nights like these,makes me think of you.
i pretend that you are still with me
that you're just one second away from cuddling.
i know we happend.
and i'm just a fool who goes through this over and over again
but everyone makes mistakes,even i.
i'm sorry.

three wishes

i have the same old rags and smoke the same old marlboro and i remember every scene from our film

lay me down the lie will unfurl lay me down to crawl

ugly & miserable

a odd question from me

who are you
?and why are you here?
since i've discovered some new "faces" here in my nest
i thought i could do something unusual from my side
and ask some about you guys!

9 crimes

and if i had a final wish pretty miss i would only ask this:

came home presently,after a day at grandma & grandpa.
and it's fucking RAINING outside,hear i now
..finally or what!?!


i'm a moving violation baby,hot hot hot hot

+ salary
+ true blood S03
+ clean apartment
+ normal degree
+ luke perry
+ cozymozy friday

it's hard to find relief and people can be so cold

good evening
i don't know about the background
but i thought it would be fun with a small change?
i might switch back to the usual tomorrow
we'll see!
god..i hate changes..
i have no fantasy,okey?
i blame the fact that i'm tired and shouldn't sit here then.

as an electric shock through the skeleton light fingers through the fabric of the clothes you chose for someone else's sake

a whole life so lonely and then you come and ease the pain

tired & warm
lazy & hungry
silent & pensive

we used to be the luminary ones

cute as a raccoon with those chocolate brown eyes

wanna hear a secret?
i fell in love with a guy on the bus today
too bad that i was sweated half to death when i first saw him..
but that's another story!

i think i should take that bus more often.

home sweet home

totally exhausted right now..
can't belive that it can be this warm
i'm dying here for christ's sake!
so just HI everyone and adieu once again.
i have to lie down in my own bed for one sec
and grab something unhealthy to eat!

with a taste of your lips i'm on a ride you're toxic i'm slipping under

feeling fresh in my new hair and in my new outfit (unusual ffs!!)
my bus goes in an hour..so i should probably pack the last
and then roll away from this city.
smell you later!

it's forever,this time i know and there's no doubt in my mind

were down town & strolled around for a couple hours.
came home with a military green shirt (srsly,love at first sight!)
a pair leather leggings (just leather on the sides)
also some makeup.
and one well-deserved ice cream on the way home!

we kept them up instead of kicking us back down to the suburbs

at grandma&grandpa
jumps on the bus to norrtälje on thursday
i can't just sit here..


can't get away from the moment seems like it's time to begin

here at home it's all so quiet
i'm so bored i could die..
and it's so damn grey outside!
everything feels so much heavier then,
or am i wrong?

my hair is golden brown now actually
and i think i like it.
(thanks for asking)

every now and then i get a little bit terrified and then i see the look in your eyes

btw,did i tell you that it was freakin awesome?

sex sells


anonymous asked:
do you do designs?

too bad that you were anonym..
but no,not really.
any particular reason why you asked?

tellement loin de ce monde

home alone for three weeks.
what to do..?

you were for real

yeah,i should be so lucky