and when i caught it you were out of reach but i'm sure i'm sure you've heard if before

now everybody needs some time and everybody knows the rest of it's fine and everybody knows that

going to pick up my eclipse-tickets for tomorrow about a few minutes
after that,we'll probably go around in stores and just drool.
and on thursday sunday i'm going to cut and dye my hair
keep your fingers crossed that i'll not sit and cry like a baby at the hairdresser when she's finish with me..

in the shadow of the heat

- great movie
see it if you wanna cry
or if you just wanna fall in love.
well,i don't know about that last one.
but in some way,i did..

i heart drop dead

youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever

my sweetheart,since 1996

home at last

+ sun
+ food
- insects
+ crosswords
+ fresh air
+ grandma&grandpa
+ 18-105 vr
+ horror films
- bitter-cunts
- sun eczema

sometimes i get so disturbed by silence here

i'm not in mood for sitting here at this boob-tube..
so..just a quick overview of everything that happened/is happening right now,okay?
the past few days i've been with line and we have just been delighted by each other's company.
(wants to thank god or someone,who has sent this lovely friend to me!thank you,really!)
tomorrow i'm gonna glide home to grannie&grandpa to celebrate midsummer
but i have to wake up very early,couse my aunt,her boyfriend&my cousin is gonna pick me up at 9..
have a feeling that i'm going to stay there the "whole" weekend(in norrtälje,if you wondered)
just hoping that we can go out with the boat and tan as hell - maybe even take a dip in the big blue!


but since your head's in the clouds the best advice i found is don't look down

i forgot to wake up this morning.i think i had a meeting with my doctor at bup at 9
but i don't like her and she has never nothing important to say,so fuck that!
now i'm going to potter with a couple of rivet-rings,couse line wants one and my other has broken..

you haven't forgot that,right?

addicted to the pain

why does it always rain on me?is it because i lied when i was seventeen?

never thought i'd make such a big mistake throw my life away

has nothing to say really
except that i'm going to sleepover at line´s tomorrow and have some cozymozy
and all the trafic is free on saturday!(how generous isn't the state to us?)....
and one last thing before i go in to the shower is;
that i'm a stupid,lazy bitch who has already given up her job!
(i figured that you guys wanted to know)


oh my,do you want to kill me or what?by sending me a unexpected message?!
- my heart just jumped out,for god's sake..

a confession

did i tell you,that i've tickets to the eclipse premiere?
yes you guys heard me..
- my name is veronica and i'm obsessed with movie premieres and i am NOT ashamed of it!
aaaaah,that felt better!
it's good to be honest with eachother,don't ya think?

staying in bed this lovely day

don’t fix it if it hasn’t broken yet don’t regret it if it hasn’t happened yet

woke up and thought it was monday this morning..
you know that feeling..when you suposed to do something important,
and you just happen to oversleep a WHOLE day? - well..panic is probably the right word.
i guess i'm a little nervous about tomorrow.
and if i ever feel ugly&fat or that my hair looks like shit
or if i sweating like a pig under these three weeks.. FUCK THAT!i don't give a DAMN!
wish me good luck,okey?
and good luck to you sara!(a couple of oldies and some muddy kids will be a easy match for us!)
but now my friends,waits the shower and those last scenes of spider-man III.

ps.line,it would be so much awesome if we could hang out this weekend at "your" place!

two hearts born to run who'll be the lonely one

+ waking up at four
+ strawberries&custard
+ sleeping pills
- depressed weather
- home alone
+ spider-man box
+ sourcream&onion rings
- still tired

another blank,gloomy,gray day without you

what do you get when you fall in love?a guy with a pin to burst your bubble


nobody likes you everyone left you they're all out without you havin fun

has been with the finest line today
miss her already actually..
and now i'm hungry as a wolf (and my legs are in a painful situation atm!!!what did i tell you?)
but do you guys think there's some food at home? - take a wild guess..

it's cold around me the night is young the sun has fallen and i've become the lonely one

i need to get in shape
but i also want a cake.
a little cat will soon move into my "lovely" life,i just know it!
this wonderful creature will either be called "charlie" or "toxic"
laugh if you want but i actually like the name "toxic"
and it sounds so..dangerous!
like my kitty will be - cute&dangerous
but danger in a good way,if you know what i mean?

no comments

fuck i'm tired
still not sober
can't feel my tongue
but hell,i needed this actually
and by the way,watermelons is really tasty!


it's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone

there are times when i wonder what life's about and times when i feel like i finally figured it out

i'm sorry for all these depressed texts&photos that i have shown lately..
but i can't help it!
when i'm sitting here - day in day out.and doing absolutely nothing..
ofcourse that i can sit here on my ass and think of even more shity things than what i really should do.
if only one "higher power" could hear me and cure all wickedness that exist.

sorry again..i have watched too many witchcraft-movies today.

is there any good stuff left in this world?

- deaths
- money
- war
- crises
- environmental degradation
- starvation
- suffering
- poverty
- haters
- rapists
- murderer
- sadness
- depressions
- violence
- victimization
- diseases
- animal cruelty