it happens sometimes that i see you,in everyone else

i'm alone for sure but i'm standing tall when the rest of you are losing it all

ps.mother,i love you

get teenage kicks right through the night

+ spirited as fuck
+ silky skin
+ old episodes of second avenue
+ candy
+ my nameday today (30th may)
+ mother's day
+ grandma&grandpa
+ my homemade strawberry cake

six - the number of the love

such a lonely day shouldn't exist it's a day that i'll never miss

i think i need some intimacy

i'm the animal you cannot escape cause i'm for real and so is the pain

i really like my fringe at the moment
but it will take some weeks until i can go to the hairdresser and get a new fresh haircolor.
however,you know what they say; "the one who waits for something good never waits too long!"

he's a beautiful boy with the saddest eyes,skinny legs and rock'N'roll style,sweet as sugar,hard as steel.we're the perfect match - we're the real deal

+ exclusive preview of sex and the city II
+ i'm not longer a "goodiebag-virgin"
+ i felt really dishy(for the first time this year actually)
+ i did something good for me&my mom
+ i laughed and i felt it,in my heart

we can live forever i can be your favorite angel,angel

we live our lives in black

- death anxiety
- heartbroken
- decrepit

you'll never know,about this pain i feel inside of me

blood is sexy

farewell adieu goodbye sleep tight

new york girls come on you know you’re hot attitude&that's what makes you rock

when you were young and your heart was an open book you used to say live and let live

well it's all so overrated in not saying how you feel so you end up watching chances fade and wondering what's real

my morning begun with a couple's not my favorite thang to do,but it was okey.
come home - lay on the bed in a few minutes and then i drag myself to the phone and called my future-boss!
(i'm not a fan of the phone)but i did call and she sounded real nice!
i tried to make my voice so mature as possible.i did,really..haha!but i think that it went home anyway.
so,14th june at ten i start to work!and for the first time,i'll be making my OWN money!
applause?..someone?..just kiddin!
now i'll settle down in my dirty bed and watch "my life as a dog" - love that movie!

pray to god i can think of a kind thing to say but i don't think i can so fuck you anyway

+ got a summer-job
+ want to change the whole fucking world
- don't feel secure
- want a jeansjacket
- want to cry on your shoulder
+ my depression-points has gone down,they say
+ has an appointment with this doctor,tomorrow morning
- hate all my stretch marks
- peckish on cocacola
+ have my satc tickets
- last episode of true blood

love is sick - i'm sicker

every friday just about midnight all my problems seem to disappear everyone that i miss when i'm distant everybody's here

i'm really depressed at the moment,forgive me

fuck all those feelings,which probably will come this summer

holy motherfucker

did you know that;

i always have the radio on when i sleep?
i have a scar on my forehead?
i can not handle high speed?
i always lose my socks?
i was born by caesarean section?
i was doing handball + football + dance once upon a time?
i'm stubborn?
i'm pretty lazy?
i have green eyes?
but that i always have my brown lenses on me,instead?
i love old swedish movies?
i have already met the love of my life?
i hated to get dirty when i was little?
my parents have been close to death more then once,under transports robbery?
i has already decided what my future children will be called?
i hate how the whole world has adapted to these fucking money?
i have no more "funny things" to say now?

if you had a part of me,will you take your time?

tomorrow i'll get up
take a bath
get some real food
get dressed - inaugurate my new shirt
get out of this building
only go with kent in my ears
have a computerbreak - all day long
and..just accept the way things are,in my life currently

twelve days left - i can't wait!

overtired as fuck

någon som vill skeda med mig å glo tv hela kvällen?de är väl min plan just nu iallafall..är sugen på en massa onyttigheter så ni anar inte!
gud..jag måste verkligen försöka sova.två timmar bör räcka - ladda batterierna,ni vet?kan ju inte tänka klart!
skulle nog behöva fyrdubbla mina sleepypiller nu alltså SÅ kul ska vi inte ha.
varför klagar jag å skriver så jävla mycket nu för?de är inte likt mig "!?%¤!!@

will you stand above me?look my way,never love me

and we couldnt change our destination on this road of facination for love

today,i need love

we get high in backseats of cars we put faith in our concerns

feelin' groovy

nerd?we prefer the term "intellectual badass"!

say goodnight and go

i maybe should go to bed?i would,if someone like him had been by my side..
i've fixed a so-called header now - do we like it?
well,i'm not so good at just this "header thingy"..but it's translucent and it says my name,so why not?
now i'll take my pills and fall asleep to some movie.. feels like everyone is dead,or maybe it's just a fact that everyone else has a life,except me?

heroes get remembered but legends never die

mår liksom inte alls bra.har feber,susande öron&ögon+näsa som kliar,icke kul!så jag har inte lyft en enda fena idag,om jag ska vara ärlig.har försökt göra allt som man kan göra i en sä man säger så.
beställt biljetter till satc II - SMYGpremiären!de ser jag verkligen fram emot!med mammsen såklart,hon blev riktigt glad när jag ringde å sa att jag hade fixat dom!
fick reda på att min bajsdator - att grafikkortet hade gått sönder..tack vare fläkten?!?!?!hur fan går de till?suck,sådant händer bara mig..jag lovar..
och igår packade englandlandet ner mitt gorgeousawesomebajsgrymma linne.får hålla tummarna på att jag har de här tills nästa fredag åtminstone..
well,nu stänger jag av här - kisses

i committed suicide
i just died to see you cry
but don't blame me
i couldn't reach the afterlife
so don't hate me
because i've never felt your heart beating
then i fucked up mine

i still want you by my side,just to help me dry the tears that i've cried

everybody knows that smokin' ain't allowed in school

it hurts that you don't even can lay one single thought at me

i'll probablly hate this summer,fun huh?

i'm in fucking love!let me at least have some imagination,please?!

sometimes we live for no one but ourselves

dagen har bestått av;
x mardrömmar
x pasta i sängen
x dreggel på kudden
x ett dussin fräknar rikare
x cigg
x senaste elle
x grimaser framför unga mödrar
x nystart med basse,min glada halva
x klickat hem de lätt snyggaste linnet jag någonsin kommer att äga
x viskat könsord åt
x mitt favorit program,familjen bernadotte
x kärat ner mig i jeremy
x teknikprylar </3
x ny söt-lika-gammal-som-mig(?) kille som flyttat in några trappor ner
x funderingar på att gillar att lukta skunk!(egentligen inte,är bara så jävla lat)

it's wednesday and you all know what that means?

all my chances ran just away..POOF

you won't try to save me,you just want to hurt me and leave me desperate

one sleepy ronnie

pillow mountain + chocolate + satc,sleep tight!

let's go to the cemetery,like we used to - remember?

get naked&dirty

it was you breathless and tall,i could feel my eyes turning into dust

har varit sängliggande i princip hela dagen idag.har så jäkla ont i huvudet,känns som om jag är påväg att få migrän..fyfan va jag hatar de ordet!"MIGRÄÄÄÄN" liksom,whats the deal?man får ju bara migrän utav att utala skiten!ååååh!jag kanske bara behöver en nypa frisk just nu är jag inte så himla pepp på att gå upp klockan sju och dra iväg till en meningslös matte-timme,för att sen dra hem igen,utan att känna mig ett dugg smartare.nej!ska ligga kvar länge - koka god gröt - kolla på top model reprisen - ta en lång dusch - ligga här i någon timme - göra ordning mig - vänta tills mor min kommer hem - fara iväg ut på vischan där line håller hus!ja,tänka sig så stark hon är,som kan hålla ett helt HUS!

oh we're so pretty oh so pretty - we're vacant!

tell them the fairytale gone bad

freckles are hot

too lazy,but i'll try