day three

3.your favortie televison program?
it's impossible to just pick one..and it is difficult to think of some cuz they are so many..
but..hmm okey - hung,vampire diaries,my life as liz,
the big bang theory,sinchronicity,gilmore girls,parlamentet and arga snickaren!

trick or treat?fuck you whore

i planned to sleep all day today,but see how that went..
and now is everyone excited for tonight(is it even halloween this weekend?) and blablabla.
i hate these questions "what did you do for halloween/new year?"
- DUH NOTHING?! "but something must you have done?"
- UUH NO?!
well..hmm..maybe i should watch all the seasons of true blood tonight?
just to come in some kind of mood.

day two about your piercings or tattos,if you have any?
i've got five in my ears and a septum(well,it's still a hole,but i don't use it for now)
and my tattoo will i get when i'm turning 18(75 days left!!!)
going to have this text(as you can read at the top of this blog) on my forarm or underneath the clavicles.

day one

1.your middle name,and how do you feel about it?
tindra - i love it..i was among them two first in sweden with that name actually.

it's killing me and i, i'm starting to see maybe we're not meant to be

have nothing fun to say really..
except that i have appointment at the hospital tomorrow very early..
oh sweet morphine i've missed you!!

i know that i will always miss the butterflies of our first kiss and how you used to smile so easily

tie me down with hollow eyes and you placed my daylight with your lies

there's been a long time since i had som fun.
i just sit around and wait,i just sit around and wait,
to live and feel something..

i am haunted by your eyes and how long they've been crying

you want a life in disguise i prefer the naked truth so i'm saying goodbye

beatles, all night long

and everything that's true don't give up on the dream don't give up on the wanting

i've just texted to my mom and wondered about christmas gifts
and i said that i really really really want a kitty instead of a iphone 4.
i thought - i already have a phone,a computer and a ipod
so why should i have a iphone 4?
especially when i've waited for a new family member for so long now..
but she just said "hmm..okey..but i can't promise anything!"
what does that mean?
i should be happy if my daughter wanted a living thing instead of a expensive phone.
well,that's just me i guess..?

cause all my life i felt this way but i could never find the words to say stay, stay

i was in love with the idea of you, long before we met

i love the girls who hate to love because they're just like me

i've been good today,in school i mean.
and i like my hair
i feel like brand new actually!
but soon now - biggest loser & våra vänners liv & lite sällskap
(i want to see top model 14 & i anneli & det okända also..give me more eyes and more tv sets!?!)
much tv viewing in my life as you can see...and top of it all i have to take a shower.
it's not wierd that i'm tired..

sucker love, a box i choose. no other box i choose to use

like the naked leads the blind
i know i'm selfish,i'm unkind
sucker love i always find
someone to bruise and leave behind.

all alone in space and time

there's nothing here but what here's mine
something borrowed,something blue
every me and every you
every me and every you.

fever fever leave my heart alone teardrops down my face i curse the day when i was born

i'm dark again
or shall i may say winered?
and guess what?i like it!

come back together put yourself on the band and see us forever

me has the flu..
so my life sucks at the moment.
i just sleep and drink plenty of water.
hate this infected smell in my mouth&nose
it's not nice for fuck's sake!
my head is killing me,so goodnight and goodbye.

and they're turning us into monsters turning us into fire turning us into monsters

i don't remember you looking any better but then again i don't remember you

good evening everyone!
i'm all alone and it's a little bit cold..
so i thought i could continue watching "mordkommissionen".
god i love it..especially mads mikkelsen aka fischer!
how hot isn't he?!
and it's my wierd humor in that danish serie too..
so..goodnight & sleep tight!

good looks runs in the family

love you mucho mucho grande too,bill!

soft lips are open, knuckles are pale feels like you're dying

it's been too long now..
i want to feel a guy above,under and inside me.

what makes a man pray,when he's about to die?i think i might know

i've just came out of the shower and feeling superfresh!
except that i was too lazy to shave my legs,so not soo superfresh but yeah..
there's something with new shaved legs,right?
anyways..on saturday,will line come over for dinner & sleepover @ my place.
i think it's good to plan the weekends several days before,then you have something to look forward to
and the days goes so much faster.

i'm not bitter anymore, because i know that what we had was real

do you have a bosom for me?