i'm going under getting over you i fooled myself by thinking we were through

my dad can say "i love you" over my account (the text that you can add when you transfer money)
but not over a call or in real life?
i love him yes i do.
but he hasn't talked to me in months and he promises things that he can't hold.
(and this has been going on forever)
i'm getting tired of this!

the last girl and the last reason to make this last for as long as i could first kiss and the first time that i felt connected to anything

wow!a half-pic of me..hmm that's really rare..not.nooooot!
get it,ehhe?

standing in the rain watch the shadow of our name paint myself in blood and sweat runnin' in the fire in the ashes of desire failing as you sigh

press f5!
tired of the "space thingy" for now.
and i want to changed my whole blog but i don't know where to start really.

last night's parties and last night's horror show.smiling and whirling and kissing all i know

money on thursday - hell fucking yeah?!!
i've had 14 :- on my account for too long now..
so on saturday,it's me&line,some booze and gossips!

and before you i had nowhere to run to nothing to hold on to i came so close to giving it up

good morning!it's saturday and i don't do anything in particularly.
just wanted to say that i love my baby,mercedes.

i would have died,i would have loved you all my life

where have you gone?
the beach is so cold in winter here.
and where have i gone?
i wake in montauk with you near.
remember the day,
cause this is what dreams should always be.
i just want to stay,
i just want to keep this dream in me.

your losing your memory now
your losing your memory now.

twist and shout my way out and wrape yourself around me 'cause i ain't the way that you found me i'll never be the same

want summer,heat and watermelons now!
but i still cannot show myself in public..in my bikini..it sucks horse cock.

yesterdays flowers they don`t mean much now.you treated her just like dirt and now it`s too late

addicted to the pain
what's wrong with me?
i pretend to talk to you and you always answer..
why can't you just..be here,with me?

never let me go

must see!

one night,of shattered glass and broken bones the cure to medicate a restless soul

children of the night
soldiers of our time
screamin out loud
one generation
riot in the streets
fighting and debris
born to die free,one generation
the generation wild

so hold on to the ones who really care in the end they'll be the only ones there

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blame it on the corporate skyscrapers in the clouds but if wasn't for you,we wouldn't have all these multiple crowds

going to bleach my teeth later.
haha scary shit for sure!

these days its all or nothing now and i can't go on thinking of how things change and now there getting strange

hello new backpack and new bed sheets!

everything i loved became everything i lost

the moon is shining through my window like a strong streetlight
and i can't sleep.
all i can think of is you.
it's wierd..we are both under the same moon at the same time
but we aren't even in the same city.
all i want to say is that i miss you..

louis michael johnson - coals

and i suddenly realize,you can only see love when the roof and walls collapse in again under the loneliness

x i always cry when people starts talking about death
x i have death anxiety
x i have many nightmares about death (what does that mean?)

now i'm just as empty as a canyon way out west that's how deep i loved you.babe,i love you still to the bottom of this space i'll never fill

drugs gimme drugs gimme drugs,i don't need it but i'll sell what you got take the cash and i'll keep it

but is it just me or am i all on my own again?you're in the taj mahal,i'm outside big ben it's driving me round the bend

i'm so fucking tired of this yap about who's the slimmest.
you are already thin,so just shut the fuck up,okey?!
sorry..but gaah !?!"@%?

holding court,repeating myself,each repetition slightly louder pausing just long enough to snort that white powder

everything was good until i passed the hallway this morning.
god,i hate that place.
it drags me down,i feel so fucking small there..

my fluffy unicorn

say hello to prince charming!

and i wish it was clearer to see if you are what you're made out to be but there's no guarantee,if you're you and i'm me and there never will be,til i can see what you see

laughter led to love
love led to more love
love led to tears
tears led to even more tears
tears led to confusion
confusion led to emptiness
the emptiness led to nothing.

and here she is today and knows nothing at all..

alpha industries cwu - to buy or not to buy

navy blue or olive green?
green huh?green it is!
or maybe the black one!(there's a black too)
i don't even know if i want this jacket but i like these somehow..
oh well,we'll see..in the end of this month!

trouble is your middle name but in the end you're not too bad can someone tell me if it's wrong to be so mad about you

i think mercedes is pretty embarrassed right now..

and i wan't there when you were happy i wasn't there when you were down i didn't mean to miss your birthday,baby i wish i'd seen you blow those candles out

castration on mercedes tomorrow morning.
and then some shopping for saturdaynight!

you should make a stand stand up for what you believe and tonight we can truly say together we're invincible

i met my twin today (male form!) in the..pet store!
i've seen him more than once and thought he was cute.
but now...wow!
should i make a move next time perhaps?
haha akward i'm..
but he looked at me with his captivating eyes all the time
even though it was my mom who was paying!

i'm beautiful in my way 'cause god makes no mistakes

give yourself prudence and love your friends
subway kid,rejoice the truth
in the religion of the insecure
i must be myself,respect my youth.

our love would be forever and if we die,we die together well i,i said never cause our love would be forever

if all else fails play dead

a real sad morning today..oh god..
but hey,i'm glad that i've got more followers on bloglovin,wiho!