and if you climb a mountain and you turn around and if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills well,the landslide brought it down

i think i'm in love with santana lopez/naya rivera..

pace yourself for me i said maybe baby please but i just don't know now when all i wanna do is try

took with me mercedes to my grandparents today.
and she was scared to were i!

before you can read me you got to learn how to see me

loving you isn't the right thing to do how can i ever change things that i feel?if i could,maybe i'd give you my world how can i,when you won't take it from me?

i'm sick and so on..hate my fucking sinuses!
but i'm getting better,yay?
and on saturday i'm going to cut my hair! - jesus..finally woman!#@%"?!

both of them are looking' sexy,lick me like i`m ben&jerry they say they`re my biggest fans,i said oh my oh my god

it was pretty damn g☮☮d!
but nothing compares to phish food,new york super fudge chunk
& chocolate fudge brownie!(yeah hmm..i like chocolate,okey?)

we're only watching a dream oh,paradise will wait another year,hold on to your visions tonight

saw brolle at studio 4,radiohuset.
free stuff is the best!

i'll tell you just how good it can be,this lazy summer

welcome to the jungle,honey.
- my own little lion queen is up!

i can't wait until the storm is over it's gonna rain anyway nothing matters now that you're here

all my friends know the low rider the low rider is a little higher low rider drives a little slower low rider is a real goer


spread the news i'm gonna take the fight for the spotlight day and night i can take this to the number one be someone,before you're gone be someone before you're gone

guess who's happy?!holy mother..
that was some painful seconds dude!!!

last train to awesome town,the roof is on fire gonna burn it to the ground last train to awesome town,come on won't you party with me?

my homemade potatochips,with dill&garlic salt.
cuz i'm awesome and i can..duuh?!

i'm lost for words don't tell me all i can say i love you 'till the end

the cutest thing in the world and you're mine.

bake it 'till you make it


there there baby,it's just text book's in the ABC of growing,now darling,oh don't lose your head.cause none of us were angels and you know i love you yeah

here comes the waterwork..AGAIN!
god,i'm so sensitive.

we promised the world we'd tame it,what were we hoping for?

let’s take a trip down memory lane

summer of '09