day nine

9.favorite meme at the moment?
this haha!

day eight

8.are you a fitness guru or a couch potato?talk about your exercise habits?
a couch potato undoubtedly - i'm really lazy.
i had a gym card but i only went 5-6 times..
i didn't feel comfortable with other people around me when i was there then.
but i don't know how it is now..and at the moment,i'm too poor to find that out..
final set:i can when i want but it's not often that i want.that's the thing with me ehehe..

day seven you came across tumblr and how your life has changed since joining?
i registered for long long time ago(because everyone else had it?),but i don't know how to use it..
yes,i'm dumb..
but i have other sites i look for pictures that i find quite intressting
and that can take hours!

day six

6.your favorite season and why?
it should probablly be the spring.
i don't know's not cold or too warm outside then.
and i love the smell of the spring and noises from all the twittering birds..

day five

5.tell us your three favorite colors?
boring i know...

day four

4.write about your closest friend(s)
i don't know what to write.
but i hope that the people as i see as my closest friends knows that.
first of all is it my mom,she's like a annoying sister i never had,but in a lovely way.
we can talk about everything,tease with eachother in a bad way till we ends up and hugging instead.
we're two totally different persons but i think that's why we match so well.
and then we have line - oh,you're scared now huh?no..just kidding!
she's the best,everything feels so naturally around her.
and i'm glad that she's in my life,we found eachother when we needed it the most.
you're sweet as sugar,kind as a golden retriever,warm as one big burning heart,smart as a book,
shillyshally as satan
,understanding as a psychologist,has a personality like nobody else..
and last but not least - she does like me,belive it or not!

day three

3.your favortie televison program?
it's impossible to just pick one..and it is difficult to think of some cuz they are so many..
but..hmm okey - hung,vampire diaries,my life as liz,
the big bang theory,sinchronicity,gilmore girls,parlamentet and arga snickaren!

day two about your piercings or tattos,if you have any?
i've got five in my ears and a septum(well,it's still a hole,but i don't use it for now)
and my tattoo will i get when i'm turning 18(75 days left!!!)
going to have this text(as you can read at the top of this blog) on my forarm or underneath the clavicles.

day one

1.your middle name,and how do you feel about it?
tindra - i love it..i was among them two first in sweden with that name actually.