when the pain it seems too much and my heart starts beating out of touch i don't need a thing i'll wait for you

robbin' people with a six-gun i fought the law and the law won i lost my girl and i lost my fun i fought the law and the law won

kan ju vara den bästa svenska serien ever.

don't wake me up unless joe manganiello is downstairs topless

laugh your ass off,bitch

får en att bli glad på nolltid.

shout shout,let it all out.these are the things i can do without come on,i'm talking to you come on

love that guy
and not only because he looks&acts like someone i one time knew..

and if you climb a mountain and you turn around and if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills well,the landslide brought it down

i think i'm in love with santana lopez/naya rivera..

king crybaby with a tear in my eye and if you mess with the king,you're gonna cry,oh baby cry oh baby cry

my little brother just discovered rock and roll

my little brother turns 11 today.
i hope for a big cake on sunday..
congrats dork!

louis michael johnson - coals

my fluffy unicorn

say hello to prince charming!

my heart's on fire and it's melting into you

so fucking happy right now!
and yes,i love eric saade..
deal with it!

maybe i'm afraid of the way i love you

maybe i'm amazed at the way you love me all the time ,
maybe i'm afraid of the way i love you.
maybe i'm amazed at the way you pulled me out of time,
and hung me on a line.
maybe i'm amazed at the way i really need you..

me love you long time

marry me,CORY?!

that everyday i see a little more of my father in me

"..and i miss you all the time,you are my beloved daughter."


love and rockets

i love that girl.

that's not my blood talking,it's your survival instinct

"you're going to invite me in so i can protect you.or have passionate primal sex with you.or how about both?"

youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever

my sweetheart,since 1996

corazón #9