and you give it all away would you give it all away now?don't let it come apart don't want to see you come apart

leker ju med min iphone hela tiden..är typ lite kär.
men om det blir för tomt här kan ni väl följa mig på instagram?
nightcreeper heter man där.

merry christmas

god jul önskar jag&mercedes!

it doesn't matter what we do where we are going to we can stick around and see this night through

snuttan vakar över min nästintill tomma plånbok...go du är!

i can't live without you so caught up in you,little girl

mitt lilla yrväder,som får mig att gå completely bananas most of the time..
..älskar dig!

birthday girl

snuttepluttan är visst stor tjej nu!

when everyone listens to you can you protect me?

my precious.

so much for the street lights they're never gonna guide you home no they're never gonna guide you home


the scars of your love remind me of us,they keep me thinking that we almost had it all.the scars of your love,they leave me breathless,i can't help feeling

pace yourself for me i said maybe baby please but i just don't know now when all i wanna do is try

took with me mercedes to my grandparents today.
and she was scared to were i!

i'll tell you just how good it can be,this lazy summer

welcome to the jungle,honey.
- my own little lion queen is up!

i'm lost for words don't tell me all i can say i love you 'till the end

the cutest thing in the world and you're mine.

and before you i had nowhere to run to nothing to hold on to i came so close to giving it up

good morning!it's saturday and i don't do anything in particularly.
just wanted to say that i love my baby,mercedes.

the moon hangs low over all you believe you saw under torn clouds runs a yeti-track

miss mercedes bajstass as a little brat.

if you want to call me baby (just go ahead,now)

eloooo,am i cute or what?

it's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes but it might just save your life that's the power of love

my heart my everything

prove that you love me and buy the next oh lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz

love you,mercedes.
even though you are a really pain in the ass sometimes..

all the flower in the earth could never take you from my heart

the cuteness herself
(bad pictures,but my camera sucks and mercedes has ants in her pants..)

for one so small you seem so strong my arms will hold you,keep you safe and warm

her favorite songs when she's lying here at the computer..

just the smell makes me weak but i don't dare to wake you now

isn't she adorable?
bff was here this weekend and admired my baby and took lots of pictures.gosh!
i can't leave her i can't!it hurts too much..and it's nasty&cold outside..